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[RUKA] Nightmare, and I RUKA, a continuing story ^ _ ^ [Part 2]

He remains the last member of the group, the older but the newest ...


Sato K Arino

(you see the intelligence of man here lol)
I hope not to too long, especially for you XD

Where to start ... Why I love ... Is there really any reason? Probably, but I can never explain why and how XD
We will however give it a shot ...

First, it is an excellent drummer, is frightening as the batsmen, once behind their instruments, they are more recognized. Both in life is someone completely to the west, which has the air of fuck all and sleeps almost all of these days, far behind in the battery, it is completely in a bubble, it seems there is nothing about him ... I think it's beautiful ... although it would be nice close his mouth still MDR, limit it feels a trickle of drool could appear at any time lol. But he himself forms the bubble, he does not want the other members come to watch and it does not look the other members ... it's just him and his drums ... Moreover, it is the type to get direct to the end of the concert, but when the live really very important, it's really a show home show, it is still a little note saying, make a little cuckoo ^ ^
Then he has a very, very complex character ... when you read these interviews were feels at times that he needs to isolate himself, to sometimes be alone with himself but he also says he is in great need of others.
Often it is the one who comes alone to rehearsals and live before and long after the others, the afters, they eat isolated with others as members of the group, it does not mean that it does not get along well with others on the contrary, it requires, I think, to get out of the universe Nightmare when he gets the chance. RUKA But I love above all is RUKA in Nightmare first RUKA songwriter, I love these compounds, I also like other good one, but I admit that hers touched me more than Sakito example, even if he has so much talent! When I listen Speeeaker Raven Loud, I feel lil chills, and live, it's just beautiful what ... Then I'm
RUKA to my head, and it's definitely my favorite aspect. I love it when he stops bothering Yomi no one feels that he loves and it's fun, it looks like two brothers ^ ^ And this habit of fiddling with ANYTHING that moves ... I also like when they make a good promo video and apparently was not the day to RUKA, and it is completely stoical, he said nothing, does nothing, nothing moves. He made the statue. It all, when there is no envy, there is no envy. Like in these interviews, when questions he dislikes, beh, it's simple, there unresponsive. Why make it complicated when it can be easy ...
But it can also be just the opposite ... and limits, he leads the others with him, kind and Ni ~ Ya Hitsugi who are easily distracted ... Yomi and Sakito you before, all that talk seriously about this and that and you got behind the other 3 died of laughter, trying somehow to hold on ...

And anyway, I find him very charismatic, he is beautiful in my eyes of course, and it is far from the fart and play. Finally here, I love it, it's as simple as that.

Come on, I will stop there, stop the damage lol


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